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Arc vereint deine Lieblingsspiele und Spiel-Communities. Downloade und spiele jedes unserer MMORPGs, Shooter oder Fantasy-Spiele von einer einfach zu. Ankündigung von Subject , dem letzten DLC für Remnant: From the Ashes, das am August für PC, Xbox One und PlayStation®4 erhältlich sein. Online-Einkauf von Games aus großartigem Angebot von Spielesammlungen, Strategiespiele, Jump & Runs, Simulationen, Computer. 9 Ergebnisse für Data Arc Games. Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Kategorie. Apps & Spiele; Spiele. Durchschn. Kundenrezension. Zwei neue Gratis-Spiele im Epic Store: Es sind Ark: Survival Evolved und Samurai Shodown! Der Epic Store überrascht erneut und bringt nicht.

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9 Ergebnisse für Data Arc Games. Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Kategorie. Apps & Spiele; Spiele. Durchschn. Kundenrezension. Zwei neue Gratis-Spiele im Epic Store: Es sind Ark: Survival Evolved und Samurai Shodown! Der Epic Store überrascht erneut und bringt nicht. Über Arc können Spieler von Titeln wie Neverwinter oder Star Trek Online ab sofort ihre Spiele verwalten und starten. Mit Arc sollen es Spieler. The kidnappers are taken into custody, but not before claiming Pirates Online Game Raven Tail were the one who requested them to retrieve "the girl from the sick bay. As Levy narrates this, a scene is shown of a devastated battlefield and a heavily scarred Levy weeping as she writes down about how they lost to fate, and how the people she loves have died. Displeased that Arcadios told outsiders of the project, Darton reveals that here won't let him go through with the plan, as it's too dangerous to change history. But Wendy revives having used her support Magic to negate the sleeping agent before summoning her wind to blow away the plants. By chopping down forests full of trees and check this out metal and other precious resources, you can craft the parts to build massive multi-leveled structures composed of complex snap-linked parts, including ramps, beams, pillars, windows, doors, gates, check this out gates, trapdoors, water pipes, faucets, generators, wires and all manner of electrical devices, and ladders among many other types. Erza tells her she doesn't care about why she hates him, but that she shouldn't drag Millianna into please click for source. However, she reveals she already used their keys to unlock Eclipse and use it if need be, depending on how the games end. Highlight tracking goals with your whole team Track the progress of your goals and KPIs in Slack so your whole team can stay on the same page. Elsewhere, Erza has gotten separated from the rest of the guild while combating Motherglare's hatchlings, and regrets this web page tough in front of her friends Pirates Online Game the sake of appearances, despite her injuries.

The commentators talk over whether this gives Fairy Tail an unfair advantage, as they have twice as many participants as the other guilds, however a conclusion is reached that the fact that Fairy Tail managed to get two teams into the finals has earned them such a privilege.

It is soon revealed that the mysterious individual is not Mystogan, but Jellal, disguised as his Edolas counterpart. Erza asks him how he managed to get a position on a Fairy Tail team, with him replying that the Master allowed him to come once Jellal told him of his concerns, and though Erza questions his ill following of the Games' rules, Jellal pushes this aside.

Mavis too realizes that Jellal isn't actually a member of the guild, but she allows him to compete for Fairy Tail's victory.

Soon after, the first place team of the preliminaries, Team Sabertooth , arrives. As per the rules, the teams will earn points depending on how they place in the event, and each team may choose one member to compete.

In the battles, the sponsors will have a right to choose fighting pairs, the losing fighter earning 0 points whilst the winner gets 10; 5 each in the case of a draw.

The first game is announced to start and each team must choose one member to participate; from Team Mermaid Heel, Beth is selected while Jäger represents Team Quatro Cerberus.

Gray steps up as the eight representatives are called out, and is shocked when a huge city is magicked into the arena, himself becoming separated from the other contestants as they are scattered in the playing field.

The rules are that each member must find their opponents and hit them, but nobody knows where the others are.

Whoever launches an attack first gains one point and the one who is hit loses one point, thus the game becomes 'hide and seek'.

To make matters harder, numerous clones of each contestant will walk around the city to confuse everyone.

Attacking a clone will result in a one point deduction. After the rules are explained, the game starts.

As Gray tries to do his best in the game, it becomes apparent that Raven Tail only wants to attack Fairy Tail, as Nullpudding repeatedly goes after Gray, causing Gray's team-mates to question Raven Tail's motives.

As part of agreeing to be Fairy Tail's B team, the members of the winning Fairy Tail team are allowed to make the members of the losing Fairy Tail team do whatever they want for a day, shocking Gray, who heard of no such rule.

Whilst Juvia and Gray discuss this, Nullpudding shows up again and attacks them both, adding an additional 2 points to his score.

After Eve employs his Magic intelligently to earn some quick points and Lyon also advances the ranks, the players notice that Rufus of Team Sabertooth hasn't moved at all.

He hasn't attacked anyone, nor has he been found. The masked Mage claims that the game is too easy for him and states that he remembers exactly where everyone is and has been as he unleashes his Memory-Make Magic , shocking the others, who realize he is using Molding Magic.

Unleashing his attack, Rufus manages to take out all his opponents, giving him the lead with a single move.

Next up are the battle segments and all teams are scheduled to fight one another as a Mage is called up from each guild. Although in last place, Lucy gains the chance to earn 10 points, and tie with Team Sabertooth.

Before the battle begins, Lucy expresses her anger with Raven Tail for attacking Wendy whilst Mavis wonders what Raven Tail's objective is.

The battle between Lucy and Flare will last for 30 minutes and if anyone is knocked out within that time, they lose.

If the time limit is reached, a draw will be declared. Lucy commences the battle by performing a multiple summoning and combining Scorpio and Taurus' attacks whilst the crowd watches in awe.

Meanwhile, up in the stands, the Knight Squadron Chief Arcadios comments on the battle, stating that the "matured fruit" is ripening, such that it may be completed this year.

He tells his Lord Zeref that he should just sit back and wait. With Asuka as her hostage, Flare forces Lucy to not use Magic, move or say anything at all, lest something unfortunate happens.

Remembering what happened to Wendy and Gray, Lucy attempts to forfeit the fight, though Flare stops her by gagging her with her hair.

Before she can however, Natsu discovers Asuka's danger and rips Flare's hair to pieces, allowing Lucy to summon Gemini and free herself.

Flare realizes that her teammate assisted her from the sidelines, as does Mavis, who notes that such a thing is against the rules.

When Lucy collapses, Flare is declared the victor, and an exhausted Lucy cries on the ground as the crowd boos her until Natsu comes and takes her away.

The crowd cheers wildly for Jura as he and Jellal make their way to the center of the arena. Makarov notices that Mavis seems tense, but tells her that Jellal was once a member of the Ten Wizard Saints just like Jura, so their skills should be evenly matched.

Annoyed at the thought of losing, Jellal abandons Mystogan's Magic and begins to use his own , the two swapping blow after blow with neither seeming to have the advantage.

Jellal then decides to go all out and prepares to unleash one of his strongest spells , though before he can, he is knocked out by Meredy and Ultear, the two Mages utilizing Meredy's Sensory Link Magic to stop Jellal from revealing his identity.

Jellal out for the count, Jura is declared the victor. After their humiliating defeat, the members of Fairy Tail regroup, but are still hopeful that they will be able to make a comeback and start partying.

With everyone except for Wendy and Carla who were unable to go due to their injuries present, Makarov faces his guild members and encourages them, telling them that they are the Guild that doesn't know the meaning of giving up.

Elsewhere, in the castle of Mercurius , Arcadios is has a talk with Fiore's King , asking him if he has any requests concerning the second day fights.

The King tells him that he wants to see Sting and Rogue fight, but thinks that they should leave the best for last.

He then tells Arcadios to have Bacchus battle 'the one that transforms' from Fairy Tail. The King then dismisses Arcadios who quietly leaves, saying to himself that soon something will be complete.

Concurrently, Cana is approached by a man who challenges her to a drinking contest and manages to best her, making it her first loss. The man then turns to leave, taking Cana's bra as a prize.

Macao and Wakaba try to stop him from disgracing their guild mate, but the man easily and effortlessly dodges their attack and strikes back.

Bacchus then leaves after telling them that he will be replacing Warcry as one of his guild's representatives. As Bacchus leaves, Erza tells her team mates that they had fought multiple times in the past and no one has yet won, surprising them.

According to her, she saw a white knight, a magical array and Mercurius crumbling, all with Lucy singing something as it happened.

As the second days challenge begins, it is revealed to be an event called Chariot , in which the representative of each team race through Crocus to the Domus Flau atop moving wagons.

As the race occurs, Kurohebi from Team Raven Tail is far ahead in the lead, with the Ichiya in 2nd place, Yuka in 3rd, Risley in 4th and Bacchus in 5th.

However, while this group nears the finish line, Sting, Gajeel and Natsu still lag near the starting line in 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively, all three Dragon Slayers suffering from severe motion sickness.

To try and come first, the participants begin to utilize their Magic, however Bacchus puts his to use most effectively, managing to pass everyone and take first, Kurohebi soon following, with Risley coming in 3rd, Yuka in 4th and Ichiya 5th.

This leaves the Dragon Slayers pathetically competing for 6th and 7th place. Despite feeling completely awful, Natsu and Gajeel persistently push on forward.

Sting proceeds to question the Fairy Tail wizards on why they are trying so hard, and Natsu then gives an impassioned speech, stating that they are doing it for their guild, who had patiently waited for them.

His speech touches the Fairy Tail members in the audience, and the spectators, causing them to openly cry. Sting drops out, earning himself 8th place and his team 0 points, showing disdain towards Natsu's explanation.

Finishing the event exhausted, Natsu is carried to the infirmary by Lucy, who, after inquiring about Wendy and Carla's health and learning that they will be alright, leaves to join her team.

Porlyusica asks Carla why she didn't tell Lucy of her premonition, to which the Exceed replies saying that she refuses to believe it actually was one, and that it must have been a dream instead.

Lucy joins her team, and seeing that Raven Tail's Kurohebi will be fighting Lamia Scale's Toby , prompts her to glance over at Team Raven Tail , noting sadly that Flare is covered in bruises and being harassed by her team-mate.

The first match commences with Kurohebi receiving the upper-hand of the battle, with his Mimic Magic.

Toby praises Kurohebi's strength and his name, with Kurohebi stating that it isn't his real name. This comically angers Toby, which prompts him to request that if he were to win, Kurohebi is to tell him his real name, while if Kurohebi wins, Toby will tell him his "super secret.

Kurohebi points out Toby's sock, causing Toby to cry in happiness. The Raven Tail representative then holds out his hand, and as Toby reaches out for it Kurohebi grabs the sock instead and tears it, much to the amusement of his team-mates, the Raven Tail Mage stating that the more precious something is to someone, the more he wants to destroy it.

The second match then begins, with Bacchus coming out for Quatro Cerberus. At this point the King arrives and meets with Arcadios , eager to see the match between Bacchus and Erza.

However, due to the King's vagueness, Arcadios arranged Team Fairy Tail A's battle representative to be Elfman Strauss , mistaking him for "the one that transforms.

However, Bacchus decides to make things interesting by asking for his opponents sisters if Team Quatro Cerberus were to win, infuriating Elfman.

Meanwhile, at the infirmary, Natsu wakes up to see Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica are missing, the scent of someone unfamiliar in the air.

Meanwhile, down at the arena, the battle has already started, with Elfman being thoroughly hammered. At this point, Erza reveals that Bacchus's strength isn't his Magic which simply focuses Magic Power into the palm of his hands , but his mastery over the martial arts.

Furthermore, as Bacchus hasn't taken a drop of alcohol since the fight started, he hasn't even begun to fight at full strength yet.

Bacchus accepts, and deciding to take things seriously, takes a swig from his gourd. Elfman transforms again as Bacchus advances, and in an instant, the Drunken Falcon lands several blows.

However, he then notices that his hands are damaged, and turns to see Elfman's new transformation is covered in spiked scales, making him virtually untouchable for hand-to-hand combatants.

With this, Elfman challenges Bacchus' palms with his own body to see who will break first. They then both fall to their knees in exhaustion.

Bacchus then stands, and after acknowledging the Fairy Tails representatives strength, collapses giving Team Fairy Tail A their first victory.

Meanwhile, at the top of the stadium, the kidnappers have been captured, and the kidnapped awakened. The kidnappers are taken into custody, but not before claiming that Raven Tail were the one who requested them to retrieve "the girl from the sick bay.

This is proven to be correct as Arcadios meets the ones responsible, angry that his plan failed and wanting to capture Lucy for Zeref 's Eclipse Plan.

It is later evident that the damage Elfman received during his battle against Bacchus was enough to incapacitate him, leaving Wendy to take his place.

To make sure the kidnapping doesn't repeat itself, the Thunder God Tribe volunteer to guard the infirmary.

As they leave, the group ponder why someone would need Lucy, but decide to put this off and instead cheer for Mirajane, who is fighting Blue Pegasus reserve member Jenny Realight.

However, due to a special rule, the "battle" turns out to be a swimsuit contests, with the commentators acting as judges and the participants using Transformation Magic to change their clothing.

As the "match" continues, Jenny decides to wager that whomever loses is to take part in a nude photo shoot for Sorcerer Magazine , which Mirajane agrees to.

Jenny, thinking that she's won, transforms into her Battle Form. However, Mirajane also decides to take the battle seriously, using Take Over to change into Satan Soul: Sitri , ending the battle in a single hit and earning her team 10 points.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Fiore's Minister of Defense, Darton confronts Arcadios and inquires why he's after a Celestial Spirit Mage prematurely, to which Arcadios reveals that the "Plan" has already reached its final stage, and that he would be willing to sacrifice Lucy for the sake of the "Eclipse.

Entering the field, Yukino inquires if, as in the previous matches, they can make a wager, in which the two women surprise everyone by choosing to wager their lives.

Kagura agrees and the battle commences with Yukino employing her Celestial Spirit Magic to take Kagura out, however Kagura strategically uses her Magic to continuously evade the attacks.

This forces Yukino to use the 13th Key , Ophiuchus , however Kagura uses her sword Archenemy to slice up the giant snake length-wise, and then, without even drawing her blade, defeat Yukino too.

This earns 10 points for Team Mermaid Heel and, according to their bet, puts Yukino's life in Kagura's hands.

It also upsets and shocks everybody, especially the members of Team Sabertooth. However, Arcadios is seen trembling with excitement at the revelation of a second Celestial Spirit Mage in the games.

With the days events having ended, Erza meets up with Jellal to discuss the fact that they have yet to feel the curious Magic Power that he has felt at the previous games.

After Jellal explains his theories, he decides to investigate further and leaves. As Erza walks back to join her team for the after-games celebrations the hooded girl from Team Mermaid Heel catches up with her and reveals herself to be Millianna , Erza's old friend from the Tower of Heaven , the two hugging and crying at their reunion.

Meanwhile, at the lodgings of Sabertooth in Crocus , Sabertooth's guild master, Jiemma , gathers his subordinates and preaches about strength.

After letting Sting off with a warning about his failure, he turns his attention to Yukino and starts to express his anger at her loss at Kagura's hands.

Stating that he is disgusted, Jiemma forces Yukino to strip and remove her own guild mark, excommunicating her. Elsewhere, Erza sits with Millianna in a park, and the two talk about Kagura.

Millianna starts explaining about the sword Archenemy and how both she and Kagura were geared towards having revenge upon Jellal, which troubles Erza.

Back at Honey Bone, Natsu's group heads inside to talk with Yukino, who offers Lucy the Libra and Pisces keys , telling the group she was planning to give them to Lucy after the Games, but as she is now not participating, wishes to hand them over now.

She also mentions she wasn't part of the "Strongest 5" of Sabertooth, merely filling in for someone named Minerva , who was away on a job.

When Lucy questions this, Yukino cites that it is an old legend she not sure of herself. Yukino understands and hopes they'll meet again before leaving.

Natsu and Happy chase after the her to apologize for their rude behavior, and upon seeing their kindness, Yukino suddenly breaks down and details her ex-communication from Sabertooth to the duo.

Hearing this and seeing Yukino's sadness, Natsu instantly gets upset. Meanwhile, Erza worries Millianna's words about Jellal when Gray finds her.

The two talk, with Gray mentioning his dilemma with Juvia and Lyon, Erza suggesting he should make things clear with Juvia before the two decide to head back.

At Mercurius , Arcadios notes that the 12 keys have gathered and that his Eclipse Plan will activate soon. At Sabertooth's lodgings, a blast suddenly wakes everyone in the building.

Jiemma appears, asking what Natsu wants; Natsu chides him for kicking out Yukino and asks Jiemma to fight him. Sting offers to fight Natsu next, but Jiemma decides to take on Natsu after all.

Before either can get serious though, a woman appears between them, having somehow kept their attacks from hitting each other.

She agrees to overlook the incident if Natsu backs down, and, for added insurance, suddenly makes Happy appear in her arms using her Magic, warning Natsu that something could happen to him if he were to continue.

Realizing this, Natsu complies and calls off his attack, leaving with the promise to settle things in the Games, something which Sting looks forward to.

In the crowd is also Doranbolt , who Lahar brought along to purposely see Fairy Tail. The third event is introduced as " Pandemonium ," and the teams all pick their participating members.

Cana, however, states that it's likely he doesn't wish to participate with a Magic Council official around. The players gathered, Mato shows everyone Pandemonium ; a giant building where monsters live.

He explains that the monsters inside are classed from D to S, the D-class being quite formidable, whilst the S-class can even rival that of a Wizard Saint.

The rules of the game are simple, each competitor will go in one by one and fight a number of monsters for points. They can select how many monsters they wish to face, but are warned that what level of monster they get will be randomized.

When ask what happens when they lose, the judge states that their previous victories will still be counted, but they will be out of the event.

The game will go on until all monsters are defeated or everyone's Magic Power runs out. With Erza defeating all the monsters, the judges get the remaining participants to take part in an event called MPF , in which the competitors are to attack a Magic Power Finder , a device which will record and display the level of Magic used, the ranks after Erza determined by the number each player obtains.

The competitors then continue in the order of the lots they took previously, Millianna getting a fairly nice score whilst Nobarly of Quatro Cerberus and Hibiki of Blue Pegasus fail miserably.

Orga and Jura then step up, both scoring in the thousands and greatly shocking the audience, though not as much as Obra, who scores a mere 4 on request from his team, as they do not want his Magic to be revealed.

Cana then used Fairy Glitter on the device, breaking it and at same time, getting the highest score of , and the 8 points that come with second place.

As Fairy Tail celebrates getting the top two places, Team Raven Tail has somehow managed to get their hands on the match-ups for the battle portions, Alexei stating that it's time for them to carry out their true mission.

As they take the field, Fairy Tail reveals that they have set up lookouts across the coliseum to make sure Raven Tail doesn't pull anything again.

Even Yajima is helping with the watch, warning Lahar to stop the fight if anything seems suspicious. The battle starts with Alexei surprisingly trouncing Laxus.

However, unbeknownst to them, the whole fight is an illusion , as the real Laxus and Alexei hadn't even traded blows yet.

Laxus demands to know what's going on, with Alexei stating that he created an illusion so they could talk in private. Laxus isn't amused and prepares to take him on, but the rest of the Raven Tail members suddenly show up flanking their leader.

Alexei then unmasks himself to be Ivan Dreyar , though Laxus had long since suspected this due to his underhanded methods.

Laxus however is ignorant of such an artifact and states that even if he did know, he wouldn't reveal anything about it.

Claiming that he'll take them all on, Ivan and the rest of Raven Tail likewise prepare to attack, with Ivan claiming that they're the anti-Fairy guild.

Laxus informs his father that Makarov already has detailed information on Raven Tail, and Ivan correctly guesses that Gajeel Redfox was a double agent.

Laxus goes on to say that his grandfather never made a move to stop Raven Tail, partly because they haven't tried to harm Fairy Tail, partly because there has been no leak in the sensitive information that Ivan knew, and partly because the old man wished to believe in his son.

Angered, Ivan begins the attack, but Laxus surprises all there by powerfully managing to defeat all four of Ivan's guild members without receiving any damage.

Turning to take out Ivan, Laxus is disgusted when Ivan tries to stop him by saying that they're family. Laxus proudly states that Fairy Tail is his family, and that he will destroy any enemy of the guild.

He then punches his father, at the same time breaking the illusion, and revealing to the stadium the aftermath of the true battle, shocking and confusing nearly everyone.

Team Raven Tail is taken into custody, though Obra's 'black imp' escapes, and the audience is told that the guild has been disqualified with Raven Tail's 'participation rights' having been revoked for the next 3 years.

The battle soon begins with Wendy going on the offensive against Sherria, the other young girl revealing that she has a similar Magic to Wendy.

As the girls exchange blows with Sherria seeing to have the upper hand, those watching soon realize that Sherria's Magic is that of a Sky God Slayer.

However, as Mato begins to declare Wendy the winner, Sherria suddenly gets to her feet with all of her wounds healed, revealing that she, unlike Wendy, can heal herself.

From the stands, Doranbolt watches the fight with a worried expression, though he is not as tense as Jellal, the blue haired Mage through the crowd, trying to find the source of the malicious Magic Power, wondering if it is connected to Sherria.

However, Doranbolt spots him, and, wondering what Mystogan could possibly be doing in Earth Land, pursues him.

On the field, Sherria offers to let Wendy surrender, but Wendy refuses, stating that she's fighting for her guild.

Just as it looks to hit, the attack suddenly veers off, just barely missing Wendy. It is then revealed that Wendy used her Magic to enhance Sherria's physical strength, causing her to over-attack and miss.

Eventually, the time runs out and the match ends in a tie, giving both teams five points. As those in the stand compliment Wendy's strength, Sherria heals Wendy and offers her friendship, which Wendy accepts.

With that, the third day of the games ends. Jellal realizes that Sherria isn't connected with Zeref as he still feels the evil Magic moving.

He chases it through the crowd, managing to locate the person trying to leave the stadium. Before he can reach the person in question however, Doranbolt gets in his way , stopping him and demanding Jellal reveal who he is.

If the situation wasn't bad enough, Lahar and his Rune Knights come up from behind, trapping Jellal in between two of the Magic Council members.

Though Jellal tries to quickly and politely excuse himself in order to pursue the mysterious Magic source, Doranbolt is impatient, and knocks his mask off, revealing 'Mystogan's' face and surprising the Magic Council members with his identity.

Just as it seems like Jellal's identity is revealed, Yajima appears and tries to convince the Magic Council members that Jellal was actually his Edolas counterpart.

Seeing an ex-Magic Council elder vouching for 'Mystogan', they let the Mage go, with Jellal claiming that if he see's the "real Jellal," he will tell them.

However, as they walk away, Lahar pulls Doranbolt aside and voices his suspicion that 'Mystogan' is the real Jellal.

As the fugitive walks out of the stadium, he finds that the source of the evil Magic has managed to get away, much to his annoyance.

The other Team Mermaid Heel members, concerned for her health, start calling for a doctor. As Millianna also looks for a doctor, she too sees Jellal, and nearly attacks him in her rage.

After claiming to be fine, Kagura gets up and walks away, all the while thinking how the target for her revenge was so close, Millianna wondering why Fairy Tail was hiding him and how Erza could allow it.

When Makarov seems reluctant to answer, Mavis comes forth and claims that it is the opposite. Asking Laxus to understand that it is a secret that only the Guild Master can know about, the young man says he won't ask any more if it is not something suspicious.

The former and current Guild Master then contemplate and conclude that Ivan must have learnt about it from Precht , Mavis beginning to cry over her poor successor choice.

Meanwhile, at Bar Sun , the rest of the Guild celebrates day 3's success. Wendy is slightly depressed that she was unable to win in her fight, but Carla, Panther Lily and Levy encourage her.

Natsu then starts a game of wine barrel surfing, the rest of the guild joining in. In the meantime, at Crocus Gardens, Sting tells Lector that he believes he will be fighting Natsu the next day, expressing his enthusiasm.

Elsewhere, Yukino apologizes for dropping in unannounced while saluting to an unseen sergeant. As the party at Bar Sun winds down, Levy reveals that there is a water park nearby called Ryuzetsu Land, and invites everyone to go with her.

Arriving shortly after, the group starts splitting up, with Natsu finding and riding a small train on water and promptly falling sick and the Exceeds along with Gajeel and Levy go to find the aquarium.

Cana is revealed to have not brought her swimming clothes, and instead came in her lingerie, while the Take Over sisters feel sorry for Elfman who they left in the infirmary, not knowing that Elfman arrived at the park earlier with Evergreen, both hiding so as to avoid a misunderstanding.

Juvia then invites Gray to go with her on the "Love Slider," and when he refuses, Lyon suddenly appearing to go in his stead. Sherria finds Wendy and they decide to play together, while Jenny appears and snatches Mirajane's top as revenge for the battle the day before.

The Fairy Tail members mingle with the members of the other guilds, generally having a good time, until Flare reveals her presence to Lucy.

As the Celestial Spirit Mage nervously backs away from the Raven Tail member, Flare states that since they only broke the games rules, not the law, that they were not detained.

Flare then hesitantly apologized to Lucy, before walking away, while Lucy in turn smiles at her. Meanwhile, Ichiya and Natsu start running by the pool, with Ichiya slipping and in the process tripping Natsu, sending him flying; Jellal just manages to save Erza before Ichiya flies head-first into her.

Elsewhere, Natsu crashes into Gray and Lyon, who are pushed down the "Love Slider" together, the two promptly starting to freeze the pool water, and anyone in it.

In response to this, Natsu launches a Fire Dragon Slayer attack that destroy's the park and knocks virtually everyone out.

As Laxus grabs Natsu for punishment, Mavis and Makarov cry over the repair bills. As Gildarts continues his journeys in faraway lands, while the rest of the guild participates in the Grand Magic Games, he stumbles on to a pretty young woman being attacked by strange humanoid monsters.

Instantly enamored with her, he gallantly tries to save her and scares the creatures away, but also scares her off too.

Shrugging this off and continuing his journey, he eventually reaches a small village which seems to be in bad shape. He then meets the girl he saved earlier and learns that a huge monster continuously terrorizes her village.

Vowing to defeat the monster for the people, Gildarts heads off to its lair. Finding the monster, the S-Class Mage fights and defeats it, bringing the beasts horn to the village as proof, the villagers then celebrate with Gildarts as thanks for his aid.

His attention is then diverted to a Lacrima Vision, displaying the Grand Magic Games third day event, just as Erza wins it.

He then watches in pride as his daughter participates in the following event, and starts making a nuisance of himself as he excitedly boasts about her.

After using Fairy Glitter to win the event, Gildarts starts running around in excitement and pride, making a fool of himself until he trips, accidentally using Crush and destroying the village.

Horrified, the villagers unanimously kicked him out, but Gildarts just gets up and grins, setting off on his travels in full vigor.

Day 4 of the Grand Magic Games begins with the event Naval Battle , in which a participant of each team is to enter a large water sphere, and try to push the other players out.

With that being said, when two participants are left in the sphere, a five minute timer will start, and whoever is knocked out within the time limit automatically gets last place.

After Rabian is introduced as day 4's guest judge, the teams then send out their representatives. The game begins and Lucy starts off by summoning Aquarius.

However, Juvia manages to counter Aquarius's attack with Water Cyclone. Using the confusion from the collision of the attack, Jenny manages to kick Rocker out of the sphere, eliminating Quatro Puppy.

Aquarius then disappears on Lucy claiming that she had to get back to her date, giving Juvia the opportunity to propel the Celestial Spirit Mage out.

Juvia then unleashes a powerful attack which expels all the remaining players from the sphere, except for Lucy and Minerva. Juvia then glances at Gray to see what he thought of the attack she named in his honor, but is shocked when he appears appalled.

She is then confused to suddenly find herself outside the sphere, due to Minerva's power. With only two remaining, the five minute timer starts, and with that, Minerva attacks, first with a heat attack to Lucy's right, and then a weighted attack from above.

Lucy tries to counter but finds her keys were no longer at her hips, but in her opponents hands. Over and over Minerva continues to attack Lucy, who refuses to give up.

However, instead of letting Lucy fall from the ring, Minerva continuously brings her back to attack again and again. Eventually the umpires call the event to an end, but by this stage Lucy is already bleeding, burnt and barely conscious, Minerva holding the immobile Lucy by her throat like a trophy outside of the water sphere.

Natsu and Gray rush to Lucy's aid as Minerva carelessly drops her. They just barely manage to catch her before she hits the ground and a medical team is called out, though Wendy declares that she'll give her medical attention first, with Sherria and Jenny helping out.

Natsu nearly goes to attack Minerva, but Sting, Rufus and Orga suddenly appear in between them, while Erza likewise holds Natsu and Gray back as both teams come to a tense stand off.

Erza tells the Sabertooth members that she doesn't care if they're the strongest or the number one guild in Fiore , declaring that they've made a major mistake of intentionally making enemies of Fairy Tail.

Lucy is taken the medical ward where she is healed and patched up thanks to the efforts of Wendy, Sherria and Porlyusica.

As Lucy sleeps with her keys by her heart, Makarov enters the room to deliver some news. Due to the disqualification of Team Raven Tail , the games committee can't pair up the fighters of the battle portions due to the odd number of teams, thus Fairy Tail must merge into one team for the rest of the competition.

Gray then says that with only the Tag Battle coming up, there seems to be little point, but Porlyusica explains that after a day's break, the last day will have a game where all five members can compete at once, so the new team needs to be chosen carefully.

Fairy Tail reorganizes their team-mates and step out onto the field for the battle portions, with the new members being Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Erza and Laxus.

In contrast to their status of the first day's event where they were booed, the audience now fully supports the guild and cheer for the new Team Fairy Tail.

Watching this in the balcony above, Arcadios and Darton realize that Lucy isn't on the team, Arcadios declaring he has a new plan for claiming her.

Darton, however, starts having second thoughts. After Arcadios leaves, Darton thinks to himself that once upon a time, the Grand Magic Games once went by another name.

He goes over to a mural on the wall depicting a Dragon fighting a Mage , before mentioning that the games were once called The Dragon King Festival, which was a banquet of Dragons , humans and demons.

As the battle starts, Ichiya tells the rabbit costumed person to reveal himself, much to everyone's anticipation.

When the mask comes off, it is revealed to be the Exceed from Extalia and Ichiya's Edolas counterpart, Nichiya , stunning everybody.

As the two Blue Pegasus participants start reminiscing about their first meeting, Bacchus charges forward, landing a devastating hit on Nichiya, and knocking him out.

With that, the battle becomes 2 on 1, and, as Ichiya is knocked around by his opponents, he laments on how he dragged a weak person like Nichiya into this.

With Blue Pegasus's victory decided for the first battle, the next battle is between Team Lamia Scale's Lyon and Yuka and Team Mermaid Heel's Kagura and Millianna, both teams fighting their best, but neither coming out on top, the fight ending in a draw and 5 points each.

As the battle is about to start, Igneel observes, wanting to see if the pupils that Weisslogia and Skiadrum raised have really surpassed Dragons, or if it was just an empty dream; he comments that with the Dragon King Festival approaching, it will soon be time for them to take action.

As the four Dragon Slayers stare each other down, Chapati announces the start of the third and final Tag Battle of the day. However as soon as the gong rings, Sting and Rogue find themselves face to face with Natsu and Gajeel respectively, the two Sabertooth Mages seemingly getting a real beating in the first few minutes of the match.

Frosch , Lector , Chapati Lola and the audience are stunned to see Sabertooth's Dragon Slayers being pushed around so easily.

With that, Sting and Rogue activate White Drive and Shadow Drive respectively, and finally go on the offensive, the two managing to land a series of sharp blows and seemingly getting the upper hand before Natsu and Gajeel once again begin to step up and push them back.

As Chapati and the audience watch with growing surprise and confusion as Rogue and Sting are once again starting to be overpowered, Chapati asks Yajima what he thinks is going on, to which the ex- Magic Council member states that the Twin Dragons are simply outmatched.

Sting then tells his tag partner to stand back, as he can defeat both the Fairy Tail Mages by himself, causing Gajeel to think they are being underestimated, though Natsu gets the feeling that Sting is strong.

Sting then starts his onslaught, managing to attack both Natsu and Gajeel at the same time. After unleashing one of his most powerful attacks, Sting destroys the battlefield and sends the participants plummeting into a mine below ground.

As they fall, the Lacrima-vision comes on for the audience, just in time to see Natsu managing to get footing on a piece of rubble to perform a Fire Dragon's Sword Horn on Sting, which Gajeel immediately follows up with a close ranged Iron Dragon's Roar.

As the White Dragon continues his relentless assault on Salamander and Black Steel, the Fairy Tail Mages in the audience begins to feel worry at the one sided fight against their Guild's own Dragon Slayers.

Remembering a promise he made to Lector to surpass all those he faced, Sting knocks Natsu and Gajeel to the ground, the two not moving to get up.

Seeing this, the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth cancel their Dragon Force, believing they are the victors whilst Chapati questions if the battle will end like this.

However, all are proven wrong when Natsu and Gajeel suddenly get back to their feet, revealing that they took Sting's attacks so as to study his habits, which the Sabertooth Mage doesn't seem to believe.

As Natsu and Gajeel get into an argument over Sting's habits, the Fire Dragon Slayer pushes the Iron Dragon Slayer into an old mining cart, sending it rolling and declaring he can defeat Sting and Rogue alone.

Natsu then invites the Twin Dragons to both attack him, as payback for underestimating him earlier, much to the Sabertooth Mages shock.

In the catacombs below the arena, Sting is insulted by Natsu's taunt re-entering his Dragon Force to attack again, claiming to have killed Weisslogia with his power; Natsu responds saying that he will use his own power to fight for his friends, punching right back.

Rogue then enters Dragon Force and attacks, the two not managing to get an edge, and eventually resorting to a Unison Raid. However, Natsu counters this with his own spell, the meeting of the two attacks causing a large explosion.

Earning 10 points, Team Fairy Tail moves to first place in the Games. As Fairy Tail celebrates their victory, Chapati explains that tomorrow will be a break day, the sixth day of the Games beginning the day after, the event being a survival game involving all the team members.

While the Exceed 's of Sabertooth are upset with the days outcomes, the members of Team Sabertooth seem to be excited, though Jiemma 's rage is obvious, the audience around him running away in fear.

As Natsu happily tells his opponents that he wishes to fight them again, Rogue thinks about how much he overestimated himself, especially if Gajeel is as strong as the Salamander.

Meanwhile, the cart carrying Gajeel finally comes to a stop, the Iron Dragon Slayer promising to kill Natsu for what he did. As he looks around he is then shocked to stumble upon a Dragon's Graveyard under the Domus Flau.

With the day ending, Jellal closes in on the mysterious person, while at Mercurius , Yukino gazes at the stadium, and marvels at the fact that Natsu defeated her former team-mates.

As she talks to a nearby guard about it, she reveals her willingness to participate in the Eclipse Plan, being under the impression that it is a plan to save the whole world.

At the same time, Carla has another vision of Mercurius collapsing, and after denying that anything is wrong when Wendy asks, Team Shadow Gear then enters the infirmary to celebrate the victory, and briefly wonders about Gajeel.

As Levy narrates this, a scene is shown of a devastated battlefield and a heavily scarred Levy weeping as she writes down about how they lost to fate, and how the people she loves have died.

Jellal then finally corners the suspicious person, and after revealing his own identity, asks that the cloaked figure reveals theirs too.

As the person turns, Jellal realizes that she is a woman, and when she shows herself, the independent Mage is shocked speechless.

Meanwhile, at Crocus Gardens, Sting and Rogue stand in front of Jiemma, and when asked about the "disgrace" they displayed, Rogue simply admits Natsu's strength exceeds their own, which enrages their guild master.

Thinking that they are showing weakness, Jiemma angrily demands that they remove their guild marks, while at the same time knocking the younger Mages off their feet with a burst of Magic.

However, Lector tries to support the Dragon Slayers , but when Jiemma fails to recognize who the cat is, the Exceed reveals his own guild mark.

This infuriates the Guild master even further, causing him to vaporize Lector with a blast of Magic, much to the shock of the rest of the Guild.

Rogue then protectively covers Frosch , thinking that Jiemma was going to attack his Exceed next, though the Masters attention was instead diverted to Sting, who started crying and yelling in grief.

Just as Jiemma is about to scold the White Dragon further, Sting unleashes a devastating attack on the Master in his anger, piercing him straight through the chest, much to the entire guilds shock, except for Minerva , who actually seems pleased.

As Jiemma collapses, Minerva congratulates Sting, claiming him to be a candidate for the Guild Master of Sabertooth, having surpassed the previous one in power.

After explaining to Sting that he lacks thanks to Jiemma's influence the "power of feelings" that Natsu possesses, Minerva reveals that she managed to save Lector prior to the Exceed's annihilation, sending him away somewhere.

Thrilled by this, Sting happily begs her to bring him back, to which she bluntly refuses, saying that she is the same as her father in the aspect that she wishes for Sabertooth to be Fiore's no.

Minerva tells Sting that if he wants his friend back, they need to win day 5's event, to prove that Sabertooth is the strongest.

He then shows them the Dragon Graveyard he found earlier, much to everyone's surprise. As the discuss what this could mean, they contemplate whether their own Dragon Slayers Dragons were amongst the corpses, though this was instantly disregarded, as the bones were far older than the 14 years that the Dragons disappeared in.

Wendy then brings up the Sky Dragon Slayer move: Milky Way , which she learned from Porlyusica , a move that allows them to listen to the voices of the spirits of Dragons.

Wendy decides to use the move to listen to the Dragons voices that slumber in this graveyard, to find out what happened, and also about their own Dragon mentors.

In the meantime, somewhere else in Crocus, the mysterious girl with the suspicious Magic is found by a guard in an out of bounds area, and whilst running away drops her notepad.

Picking it up, the man reads something about an "Eclipse Plan" and a "Dragon King Festival" that are taking place on July 7.

Wendy manages to use Milky Way and searches the graveyard for any Dragon spirits. She manages to find one named Zirconis , the Emerald Dragon, who agrees to explain the Dragon history to them.

About years ago, the Dragons were the dominant species of the world and considered humans to be nothing but fodder for them.

However, one Dragon sympathized with the humans, and wished to live in peace with them. He managed to convince a few fellow Dragons of his ideology, but many opposed the idea.

These clashing opinions eventually lead to a civil war between the Dragons, reaching a stalemate until the Dragons pro-human side taught humans Dragon Slayer Magic so they could fight beside them.

The plan worked and the anti-human side was on the verge of defeat. However, the humans soon also turned on the Dragons who were helping them.

But the worst was yet to come when one particular individual continued to kill Dragons and bathe in their blood, so much so that he became a Dragon himself and used his powers to near kill all the Dragons and become the King of Dragons.

This Dragon is revealed to be Acnologia , much to the shock of the group, and after revealing this, Zirconis suddenly disappears.

The group mull over the information given, Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel especially worried if their Magic will make them into Dragons too.

A voice however rebuffs this claim, explaining that Acnologia had help with his creation from Zeref and his book of spells.

The group turn to the voice to find it belongs to Arcadios , who has arrived with Yukino. Arcadios finishes his explanation that killing Zeref will be the first step in stopping Acnologia, though Carla is shaken to realize that Arcadios is the knight from her vision.

Arcadios introduces himself and reveals Yukino's Sergeant rank to the group. He goes on to explain that they needed a Celestial Mage for their plan, hence why Yukino joined his team.

Natsu demands him to explain himself, and Arcadios complies and leads them to the castle, Mercurius.

As they make their way through he admits he was the one who attempted have Lucy kidnapped earlier and that the Games are merely used to collect Magic from the stadium every year.

When the group rebuff him for it, he mentions that his plan needs a large amount of Magic to work. Soon, the group comes across a large room holding a very ancient looking door.

Arcadios explains the Eclipse Plan, in which the twelve gold keys of the Zodiac are needed and on the seventh of July, when the eclipse passes over, the door can unlock and allow the user to travel years into the past.

What they hope to achieve is to go back in time and stop Zeref before he gained immortality. With Zeref gone, Acnologia will cease to be as well.

The group are astonished, the Dragon Slayers even more so when they realize that its execution date falls on the same day their Dragon mentors disappeared.

However, just as Arcadios and Yukino ask for Lucy's assistance in the plan, the royal guard suddenly show up and surround the group.

The minister of defense, Darton , appears, leading them. Displeased that Arcadios told outsiders of the project, Darton reveals that he won't let him go through with the plan, as it's too dangerous to change history.

He then has Yukino and Arcadios arrested for treason, ordering Lucy be taken in as well. Natsu instantly goes to protect her, but as soon as he tries to use his Magic the door saps it away and he instantly falls unconscious.

The remaining Fairy Tail Mages are then thrown out of the castle. However, Darton quickly tells them the King has taken a liking to the group, and as such, if they manage to win the Grand Magic Games, they can gain audience with him and request Lucy's freedom.

Natsu's group return to their fellow members and reveal what happened at the castle. The group mull over their options, knowing that fighting against the kingdom would be a bad move on their part, but not trusting that Lucy will be released if they win.

Just as Natsu goes marching towards the castle to get Lucy, Makarov stops him, claiming they need to act wisely considering their enemy this time.

Back at the castle and in the dungeon, Lucy and Yukino are put in the same cell. They talk, with Lucy mentioning her wariness on if the Eclipse Plan should be activated.

Yukino explains her reasons for wanting to go through with it, stating that she lost her sister at a young age to Zeref's followers and hopes to change the past to get her back.

Thinking this over, Lucy ponders if it is even possible to change the past. The teams are called out one by one, but when Fairy Tail steps out the crowd is shocked to see that Natsu isn't with the group, rather Juvia has taken his place.

Makarov reveals that this was part of his plan: one portion of their team will battle in the tournament normally while another team will try to rescue Lucy.

As everyone's focus is on the Games, no one will have their eyes on the castle. He silently wishes the rescue team luck as Natsu, Wendy, Mirajane and the Exceeds make their way to the castle.

The rescue team hear the Games beginning from afar and proceed to come up with a plan. Happy suggests wearing disguises, but Mirajane states that she has already come up with a plan of her own.

As they go to put it together, Wendy wishes the tournament group good luck. Back at the Games, the rules of the final event, the Grand Magic Tournament, are laid out.

The teams will go into the city and battle around it, gaining points for each downed member; five points if they manage to take down the leader of each team.

The teams all meet in the city and discuss strategies, with Team Fairy Tail vowing to do their best, both to save Lucy and redeem their guild.

Soon, the game is started, and the teams make their way through the city, save Team Fairy Tail, who oddly don't move from their starting spot, much to everyone's confusion, including their own members.

The game goes on with each member of Team Quatro Puppy taken down quite easily. Yuka and Toby are beaten by Kagura.

Minerva orders her group to avoid fighting Jura and Kagura, hoping someone else will deal with them. Sabertooth retakes the lead, much to Makarov's panic, as his team still hasn't done anything.

Mavis finally tells him that this is her plan, as she had been memorizing all of the opponents during the whole tournament and has formulated a strategy to help them, thus why they haven't moved yet.

Back at the castle, a guard brings in Natsu and Wendy tied up, telling another that they had tried to sneak in and save Lucy. They're ordered to be taken to the prison cell, but when out of sight, the guard is revealed to really be Mirajane, who had disguised herself to allow the group to sneak in.

Meanwhile, another guard goes to the princess, Hisui E. Fiore , and tells her that its a good opportunity to commence the "Eclipse 2" Plan.

At the games, Team Fairy Tail go on the move, as guided by Mavis. Rufus, sensing this, fires a lightning attack at them, but, thanks to Mavis, the team manage to avoid it.

Mavis then proceeds to move the team around the city to find opponents: Erza finds Jenny and quickly defeats her; Gajeel locates the Trimens and manages to knock out Ren and Eve ; Hibiki manages to get out of his line of fire only to run into Gray, who freezes him, putting Fairy Tail back in the lead.

As Mavis continues her strategy, Makarov remembers that she was known as the "Fairy Tactician" during her tenure as the guild leader.

Ichiya , upon finding that the Trimens are defeated, vows to avenge them, only to get knocked out by Jura from behind, effectively knocking Team Blue Pegasus out of the game with all their members defeated.

Seeing this and being questioned by the other members if she has a plan for Jura, Mavis admits she doesn't know how to deal with him yet.

Meanwhile at the castle, Natsu's group manage to find Lucy and Yukino's cell and melt the bars, freeing them. The group are set to leave but Lucy wishes to get her keys back.

However, the floor in the hallway suddenly opens up, dropping the group in an underground area with an archway exit. A video of Hisui pops up, the Princess telling the group that they've fallen into "Abyss Palace," where criminals do not last long.

She accuses the group of being thieves and tells them they can rot in the underground dungeon. The guards congratulate the Princess on protecting the castle with the King away, but Hisui doesn't seem happy about the success.

In the Games, Gray manages to locate Rufus in a library area. Rufus cockily claims he doesn't remember Gray and asks to refresh his memory.

But Gray tells him not to bother as he's going to beat him there and now. She states she doesn't know, but beating Rufus is vital to their plans.

Meanwhile, in the Abyss Palace, the Fairy Tail members and Yukino try to find a way out, with Carla managing to discover a narrow crevice path.

They manage to squeeze their way through, but are met with the form of a badly beaten Arcadios on the floor. When they awaken him, he tells them to run away, as five mysterious figures appear out of nowhere and attack them one-by-one.

Arcadios then reveals them to be an independent team of executors that supports the kingdom from the shadows, the Garou Knights. The ex-knight states that because of them, it is impossible to escape the Abyss Palace, while the apparent leader of the enemy claims to have orders to kill all of them.

Natsu laughs at the group for their appearance but Arcadios warns him that they have Magic to kill efficiently. Two of the Knights, Cosmos and Kamika , attack first, with the group just barely managing to defend each other from the knights onslaught.

Wendy manages to save them and, in trying to destroy one of Cosmos' spells, Mirajane, Natsu and Panther Lily cause a huge explosion, crumbling the cavern walls and separating everyone in a landslide.

Back upstairs, Princess Hisui overhears the knights talking about the Garou Knights engaging the group, prompting her to mention that her plans always seem to backfire as she prays for Arcadios' safety.

As Lucy and Yukino prepare to face him, Arcadios warns Uosuke always leaves only the bones of his victims. Elsewhere, Natsu and Kama begin fight, with Kama aiming for Natsu's head.

Natsu just barely manages to keep ahead of him. The others in the rescue team find themselves struggling too: Panther Lily's opponent uses acid which he can't seem to bypass.

Kamika uses green paper which produces poison forcing Mirajane to hold her breath. And Wendy is forced to dodge bombs from Cosmo's plants before she switches to a sleeping agent that Wendy seems to succumb to.

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